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The quality of different types of child care at 10 and 18 months: a comparison between types and factors related to quality

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The quality of care offered in four different types of non-maternal child care to 307 infants at 10 months and 331 infants at eighteen months old was compared and factors associated with higher quality were identified. Observed quality was lowest in nurseries, except that at eighteen months they offered more learning activities. There were few differences in the observed quality of care by child minders, grandparents and nannies, although grandparents had somewhat lower safety and health scores and offered children fewer activities. Cost was largely unrelated to quality of care except in child minding where higher costs were associated with higher quality. Observed ratios of children to adults had a significant impact on quality of nursery care; the more infants each adult had to care for the lower the quality of the care she gave them. Mothers' overall satisfaction with their child's care was positively associated with its quality for home-based care but not for nursery settings.
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