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An Exploration of the Relationship between: Child Temperament, Parental Background, Parental Attitudes and Family Relations. Focusing on the Similarities and Differences between Maternal and Paternal Reports
MSc Dissertation, Birkbeck, University of London. Department of Psychological Sciences

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Vast pieces of empirical research have solely focused on maternal reports of child temperament. This study investigated the differences and similarities between maternal and paternal reports of child temperament. Parent to child relations were investigated, focusing on parents‟ background, attitudes and family relations, to see if they were related to child temperament. Significant differences were found between maternal and paternal reports of child temperament. The ethnicity and personality of the parents were significantly related to temperament dimensions. The fathers upbringing showed to be related to the child, whereas for the mother, it was how difficult the interaction was between her and the child. This study highlights the importance of paternal participants. Implications for the findings and future directions on the importance of paternal participants are considered and discussed.
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