The Tedworth Charitable Trust and The Glass-House Trust
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This study is generously funded by The Tedworth Charitable Trust and The Glass-House Trust. The founders of these trusts, James and Alex Sainsbury, have a long standing interest in the area of early childhood development, particularly in the influence that the quality of care that children receive has on their development. As well as being interested in the important scientific and developmental issues, they have also been concerned with policy. Both are passionately concerned to find ways in which families can be helped in the early years of children's lives to find the best quality care, and hope to provide empirical findings that might influence government policy.

James, through his Trust, has funded research into the early development of children at-risk and facing adversity since the early 1990s. In the mid-1990s, Alex and James got together and decided that the particular issue of the quality of care provided by both parents and others to young children was a very important issue to pursue. As no large prospective longitudinal studies had been carried out in the United Kingdom they felt that this study was overdue. Influenced by Penelope Leach's books, they initially approached her, and later Kathy Sylva and Alan Stein, to devise a study based across two UK sites. They remain closely involved with the research and committed to its mission.
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